A remarkable theatrical evening.

The Observer


Glitzy, gutsy and joyous adaptation.

BBC Breakfast

The Great Gatsby

An evening of rare pleasure, indulging Austen fans with a worthy tribute, and giving all a charmingly playful experience.

Theatreview New Zealand


I know the novel well, but did not recall any significant moment that had been omitted. Exquisite filleting.

Boston Globe


This metatheatrical adaptation is as lively as its source and as carefully calibrated. What's impressive is how agreeably the ensemble expresses Fry's comparison between the delights of matchmaking and those of playmaking.

San Francisco Weekly


A vivacious and intelligent adaptation. The story is told with crisp authority and imaginative energy..

The Times

Tess of the d'Urbervilles

One of the most enchanting evenings I have sat through in a long time. In addition to the cast, clearly credit is also due to Michael Fry, the adapter and director, whose stagecraft and expertise in filling the stage with imaginary crowds and processions is memorable.

The Trumpet Major

The Great Gatsby play, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tess of the d'Urbervilles play, adapted from Thomas Hardy

Emma play, adapted from Jane Austen

The Princess Bride children's play (after Goldman)

The Blue Bird children's play (after Maeterlinck)

Les Parents Terribles opera (with James Wiezbicki)

Scapin's Little Stunts translation from Molière

Tartuffe translation from Molière

La Parisienne translation from Henri Becque

War and Peace opera (with Anthony Feldman)

L'Oca del Cairo translation of Mozart opera

Dinner short opera (with James Clapperton)

Patti, Patti, Patti musical play

Garrick's Women play